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There is no official or only bitcoin price

Once explained the above you will understand that since there is no single platform in the world to market (there are many and each one can have its operations) there is no world or only bitcoin price canada.

However, they tend to be equal. When there are very large differences in the prices of two exchange houses, whatever they may be and due to the nature of Bitcoin that allows sending money almost instantaneously, some people take advantage of this price difference to buy at the exchange house with cheap price and sell at the expensive price. This, which is something that is done daily, is known as arbitration, resulting in a homogeneity of prices in the different exchange platforms in just minutes.

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However, not all sites occur, especially in places with great access complexity. For example in Africa, where it is more complicated to access bitcoins, local users can exchange them at a price very different from that of Europe and be equally attractive because the local community is useful at that price.

Bitcoin as a means of payment

For more than a year, a bitcoin was worth nothing. It was a coin that very few users, curious or visionary in its entirety, sent as a reward for useful or funny answers in forums.

The first price of a bitcoin in history was determined by a transaction between individuals. It happened on May 22, 2010 , in the BitcoinTalk forum , where the user  jerks decided to buy two pizzas with his credit card from user Laszlo in exchange for 10,000 bitcoins , possibly with an exchange rate of 1BTC = $ 0.003.

Historical of the price of Bitcoin

Just 7 years after its creation, Bitcoin is also characterized by its high volatility. Throughout its short, but intense existence, a single bitcoin has gone from literally worth nothing to almost $ 1200.

Some theorists associate this with their early phase and that is characteristic of the new economic models, needing a few years to begin to stabilize.

January, 2009 – January, 2010. Nothing (0 €)

There were no exchange houses. Only the fans exchanged it in forums as a test.

February, 2010 – May, 2010. Less than $ 0.003

In five days the price of bitcoin increased by 1000% from $ 0.008 to $ 0.08 for a bitcoin.

February, 2011 – April 2011. $ 1

Bitcoin achieves something that was believed impossible, parity with the dollar.

July 8, 2011. $ 31

Maximum of the first “bubble”, followed by its first price drop.

December, 2011. $ 2

The minimum after a few months. A distrust of Bitcoin spreads.

December 2012. $ 13

Grow slowly for one year.

April, 2013. $ 266

Maximum of a vertiginous ascent where the price increases between 5% and 10% every day.

A few months of stability.

June, 2013. $ 100

In June it drops to $ 70 but in July it increases to $ 110.

December, 2013. $ 600 – $ 1000

The price plummets to $ 600, bounces back to $ 1000 and falls back to $ 500. It stays oscillating between $ 650 and $ 800.

January, 2014. $ 750 – $ 1000

The price touched the $ 1000 at the beginning of January briefly to later be between $ 800 and $ 900 during the rest of the month.

February, 2014. $ 550 – $ 750

After the closure of MT. Gox the price is affected and is between $ 600 and $ 700.

April, 2014. $ 340 – $ 530

The lowest price since 2012-2013 was reached on April 11 at 3:25 AM.

November, 2015. $ 395 – $ 504

During 2015 the price increased regularly reaching $ 504 in November.

February 2017. $ 1222

With the arrival of the ETF promoted before the SEC by the Winklevoss brothers  , Bitcoin beats all kinds of records: Highest price in history, surpassing even gold, greater capitalization in history, greater number of users, greater number of backups and acceptance.